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SuperBoost Lash Lift


Say hello to your most beautiful natural lashes with our revolutionary SuperBoost lash lift treatment. SuperBoost lengthens, thickens, darkens and uplifts the lashes, completely eliminating the need for tiresome curlers and mascara or potentially damaging extensions. The life-changing effect lasts for as long as the lashes do – that’s 8-12 weeks.


Because we care about the health of your lashes, G.E.L. Lashes is the first and only salon of its kind to incorporate a nutrifying hair mask – Organic Lash Botox – into its lash lift treatment. Formulated in Europe, the Organic Lash Botox serum penetrates deep inside the hair shaft to rejuvenate and rebuild the lashes, while also optimising the growth of new lashes. 


G.E.L. Lashes’ innovation is to incorporate deep conditioning into our SuperBoost lash lift. The active ingredients and nourishing botanicals in Organic Lash Botox encourage the growth of stronger, healthier lashes. The serum also helps with fixing pigment in the centre of each hair, which in turn enables the SuperBoost tint to last up to 60% longer.


Organic Lash Botox is made from 97.7% natural ingredients, and is completely free from parabens, SLS, SLES, aldehydes, silicones and preservatives.

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