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Technological innovation is transforming the permanent and semi-permanent make-up industry, and G.E.L. Lashes stands at the forefront of that change. Whether you’re interested in world-leading eyelash lifting as a customer or as a cosmetologist, you’ve come to the right place. 


Discover why celebrities and beauty bloggers alike are raving about the benefits of semi-permanent eyelash lifting. Enjoy longer, thicker, darker, uplifted lashes without the need for curlers, mascara or extensions. G.E.L. Lashes’ next-generation SuperBoost lash lift brings out the best in your natural eyelashes, and the effect lasts as long as your lashes do – that’s 8-12 weeks.


Who doesn’t want to wake up every morning with perfect lashes? Go to SuperBoost Lash Lift for more information, or find out how you can join our team of cosmetologists at G.E.L. Lashes Academy.




An internationally renowned permanent make-up artist and master trainer, Rebecca Chung has dedicated most of the past two decades to the study and teaching of semi-permanent and permanent make-up techniques. Having developed her own eyebrow microblading procedure early in her career, in 2010, Rebecca went on to found her first permanent make-up salon, PrincessBrows, in Hong Kong in 2011. 


Since 2013, Rebecca has dedicated herself to promoting industry best practices and training the next generation of permanent and semi-permanent make-up artists. She was named a Biotek Quality Ambassador in 2014 – in recognition of her outstanding work in microblading – and in 2015, she began launching her own permanent make-up products and tools. Rebecca runs the G.E.L. Lashes Academy and PrincessBrows Training Academy in Hong Kong. She has lent her expertise as a speaker, juror and trainer at international permanent make-up conferences on five continents.

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