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What is the treatment process like?


The cosmetologist will first apply pads under the eyes to protect the lower lashes, which we do not want to be lifted. Having selected the correct size of silicone shield for your eyelash length, the technician will apply the shields to your eyelids. (Now is the time for you to enjoy a lovely rest.) The cosmetologist will carefully brush each eyelash up onto the shield, before applying the lifting balm. Having left this on for the required amount of time, the technician will remove the lifting balm and apply the fixing balm. After the correct amount of time, she will remove this balm as well as the eye shields and pads. The cosmetologist will then apply the Organic Lash Botox conditioner and the eyelash tint. After leaving on and then removing these, she will hand you a mirror so that you can appreciate your new, perfect lashes. 




Is SuperBoost the same as a lash perm?


No, the SuperBoost lash lift is not a perm. Lash perms curl the lashes but do not lift them, with the result that the lashes can actually look shorter after a perming treatment. Lifting the lashes has the opposite effect of making them appear longer.




How long does the treatment take?


The entire process takes about 45 minutes. As the lash lift is performed with the eyes closed, we recommend that you use this opportunity to relax as you would during a spa treatment.




Can I go swimming / sunbathing after my lash lift?


Yes – after 24 hours. See Aftercare for more information.

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